About Us

Hey Rusher!My name is Diana. :) And I am obviously a huge Big Time Rush fan. Ive been keeping you guys updated on my youtube for the past 2 years, and i wanted to make a website so that it can be easier to keep track of you guys. :) Here are some facts about me!

Birthday: August 24th
Favorite Colors: Red, White, Black, Gray
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate
Favorite Big Time Rush member: JamCarKenLo :p
3 Words to describe myself: Caring, Helpful, Trustworthy
Favorite Big Time Rush song: Superstar & If I Ruled The World
Hobbies: Painting, Dancing, Enjoying Life
What I Love: Making People Smile

Fun Fact: Been a Rusher since the commercial came out for Big Time Audition. And Ive been a James Maslow fan since He was on Icarly back in 2008!

My name is Ary, im studying animation & digital art, my dream is to work on Disney,Pixar o Nickelodeon & in some magazine. The music is my life. I love to read books... the sagas are my everything...but i love BIG TIME RUSH TOO <3 they are like my life ... Relationship status: dating Logan Henderson,James Maslow & Dustin Belt (dont judge me.. i love them) :D

Birthday:  november 30th
Favorite Color: blue, red, pink
Favorite Ice Cream:vanilla
Favorite Big Time Rush member: James,Logie, Dustin,Kendall &Carlos
3 Words to describe myself: crazy, funny, helpful
Favorite Big Time Rush song: i know you know, oh yeah, if i ruled the world, boyfriend, worldwide a lot haha..
Hobbies: sing, design
What I Love: play guitars, drums and piano, photography, enjoy the moment with the people that i love.

Fun Fact: Before the BTR's press conference i was outside the hotel in a starbucks & i was thinking "oh god i hope dustin belt came out the hotel right now" 10 minutes after he came out...fangirl moment ... if you see my pic you should laugh haha i was really happy :D